A Professional Makeup Artist and Business Manager in Southern California. I have been in the cosmetics industry for over 12 years and am absolutely obsessed with products, everything from new makeup to the latest serums, creams and beauty treatments. I love my industry I have been trained in many different top brands and continually research/test products weekly (I am what you would call a product junkie). Although I do adore skin products, I am not by any means a licensed esthetician, or dermatologist; all claims made are based on my personal experience with the products tested and are solely my experiences with the products (see Disclaimer for more information).

In my free time I continually watch YouTube videos and read various blogs, a few of my cosmetics heroes are as follows: Lisa Eldridge (www.lisaeldridge.com), Charlotte Tilbury (www.charlottetilbury.com), Mary Greenwell, and Caroline Hirons (www.carolinehirons.com)

Besides the cosmetics industry I am also an avid crossfit athlete and absolutely adore the sport of CrossFit. If you would like to hear more about this other portion of my life please feel free to contact me.

Why Blogging?
I feel that women and men alike need answers to many questions concerning their skin, makeup, and just about the industry in general. There are so many products out there and it gets very confusing (even as professionals, I feel there are endless options). My mission is mainly to open the eyes of my followers to things they would have either bypassed before or are just plain confused about.

If you have any questions or need to contact me please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as promptly as I can, also in regards to any business matters reach out to me at: info@iamgarybrink.com

I am always happy to receive product for review or testing, and am very grateful for the opportunity, though this doesn't guarantee that they will be placed in to my blog. If the product works and is a great fit for my recommendations/reviews than I would consider writing about it and promoting said product(s).

If you are in PR or a brand and would like to to discuss any opportunities please e-mail me at: info@iamgarybrink.com

I can’t guarantee that all of the make-up and skincare products I recommend will suit you. I only use products I personally think are good having tried them on myself and my clients but everyone's skin is different and it's possible to be allergic to anything. Wherever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing.

I do work for the Estee Lauder Companies and Neiman Marcus.   I do receive promotional products, gratis, and samples from these companies. I am not being paid for these posts, nor do I represent either company in this or any other participating blog, YouTube, or Instagram channel. All opinions expressed are explicitly my own and are not reflective of the views of any companies featured.
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