Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Battle of The Mascaras

In today's Battle, we have Estee Lauder's Pure Color Envy Lash: Multi Effects versus Lancome Monsieur Big.  Both of these are new launches for both brands, and I wanted to see which of two luxury brands had a better effect on my lashes.  Before we begin, and let me disclaim, I cannot guarantee that you'll share my opinion or experience as we all have different preferences and different lash types, so with that being said, let us begin.

My Lash Type

  • Straight, Straight, Straight and fine.  
  • My needs: weightless definition and volume at the roots without clumping or looking overly "fake".

Why These Formulation Specifically?

  • Lauder says their mascara will give all effects because the brush has two types of bristles, a molded silicon comb and a traditional brush for volume, for a complete custom experience.
  • Lancome promises big bold volume.  The brand also took survey to what woman wanted in a mascara. Creative director, Lisa Eldridge (my favorite makeup artist ever),  took heed and assisted in the development of this formula
    • SO ANYONE THAT CLAIMS I'M BIASED BECAUSE I WORK FOR LAUDER, IF YOU KNOW ME, KNOW I LOVE LISA.  So I chose these formulations based on my equal internal bias for both brands, albeit for different reasons.

The Test

For both formulations I decided to curl my lashes and use the respective lash primer before each mascara (basically to avoid industry jargon/advice, in incident if I had a negative result, to use a primer beforehand, I beat you to that argument).  I wanted the best effect possible, so primed my lashes for perfection.  I let both primers semi-dry before mascara application, just so all effects could be duplicated, not favoring one versus the other. 

Monsieur Big 


  • One coat was more than enough to darken all of my lashes
  • The application was comfortable and the lashes didn't feel too heavy
  • This mascara is super, duper black and bold
  • Brush was a bit too big for my eye and got mascara on my lid and brow bone.  I had to clean with a cotton swab because I looked a hot mess
  • Lashes were a bit clumpy and stuck together too much, had no definition, made my lashes look almost bald 
  • Formula felt a bit sandy or dry. Hard to explain, it seemed to get very thick very fast and almost resisted brush out  
Overall, I felt this didn't do much to complement my lashes.  I would use this again, yet I would use a clean wand or lash separator comb to take out the clumps, and/or wipe the brush clean of mascara before application and build the product more gradually (Yet, really it should just work straight out of the tube).  This may be better suited to someone with naturally more defined or thicker lashes.  I felt as if it made my lashes look very dark and dramatic, with the downside it almost made them appear more sparse.  I just don't think it was designed for my lash type.  Also if you notice it ruined my curl and weighed my lashes down (most mascaras do this to me, so it isn't the only one).  However, I do think a lot of woman would love this, especially if they like dramatic looking lashes.  This does deliver in that department.  If I had falsies or more lash, I think I would've loved this.  I guess it's Definicils for me.  

Pure Color Envy Lash: Multi-Effects


  • Unique brush concept, one side is a molded comb and the other a traditional brush.  The theory is the molded comb gives definition and the brush side gives volume.  
  • Coloring is black but not so black that it looks overly artificial or jarring
  • Thickens lash roots very well
  • Didn't overly weigh down curl


  • Brush was also a bit big for my lashes and got on my lids (maybe too much product on the brush because it's new, but still, it should just work)
  • I felt like the brush design could have been better, it's not bad, but the formula seems better than the brush (and typically it's the other way around).  
Overall my review is this, I feel this mascara performed better for my lash type; however, I still don't think it's best suited for my lash type.  Like the monsieur big, this one only slightly performed better and I believe it's because the brush has two options.  Here is where it gets confusing:  the molded comb is supposed to give more length and definition and the brush more volume.  Well, I found the opposite to be true.  I found the brush side did a better job at separation and the molded side gave more thick (somewhat clumpy) lashes.  This mascara also didn't kill my curl and gave good volume at my lash root.  Yet as I said, was still messier than I would like.  (Sumptuous Knockout and Double Wear Mascara in my opinion are better for my straight lashes).

Final Verdict

Both mascaras left me a bit unsatisfied for my lash type; however, I could see woman loving both of these formulations.  If you have straight unmanageable lashes like mine, I would find other formulations in both brands that would better suit you and could give you what you need.  However, I would use these both again, but with a lash separator comb.  I found the formation of the ENVY LASH by Lauder was more nourishing and easier to apply than Monsieur Big (which to me felt more resistant and thicker) -- gave me Tammy Faye lashes -- and the ENVY mascara, also made my lashes stick together but had a more flattering effect on my eye shape.  

So the winner of this battle is a DRAW.  But if i had to choose one it would be the ENVY LASH, mainly because of the flattering effect and the easier, less messy application.  I wish these both worked for my lash type, but hey, with the right comb, anything works.  Yet with the applicator as is, they both just aren't right for me.

Thank you for listening and remember if you disagree or these work amazingly for you, then YAY!  I still would suggest these to most woman because both formulations are great and give great volume!  Give them a try!

Now on to continue my quest for the #1 Mascara.  

Let the battles continue.

NEXT UP IN A FUTURE BLOG.....DIOR SHOW versus Sumptuous Extreme Mascara


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