Saturday, September 02, 2017

Gabrielle by CHANEL - My Newest Fragrance Obsession




 was created around four
points of light from four white flowers: Orange Blossom,
Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine and Grasse Tuberose.
Olivier Polge crafted the perfect white flower.
The only flower that could embody the unrestrained
femininity of Gabrielle Chanel herself.


This fragrance is truly beautiful and captures the essence of a rebel heart perfectly.  I feel that Chanel did an amazing job with this scent and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something fresh, sensual, but also a bit reserved.

Does it last?

Yes and No.  I prefer fragrances that fade as the day progresses, my theory being, I like to wear multiple scents for various occasions.  For example, my date night fragrance will be different then my work fragrance, and so would my in the heat scent (especially in LA with the 111 degree heat).  So for me, I like wearing maybe 2-3 different scents and I don't want to have to shower in between all of these "wardrobe" changes.  

Like a fashion show with many different looks, I too prefer options and change throughout the day.  

With that said, this fragrance lasts on skin for about 4 hours at it's most potent and then 5-6 at clean skin finish scent.  I still smell better with this, than without.

What occasion would you wear this for?

On days you want compliments, and possibly a date night.  It all depends on who you are trying to impress that day.  For me, this is the days that I am impressing myself.   

Do you layer?

Yes indeed.  Today I wore it alone, yet it smells amazing and unique with anything light or citrus.  So my personal favorite layering is as follows:

1) 4 sprays of Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Skin Scent
2) 2 Sprays of AERIN MEDITERRANEAN Honeysuckle
3) 2 sprays of Gabrielle Chanel 

^^ I know this seems overkill, but all these scents are light and do not compete with one another.

Worth the price?

Priced in the US at $135 for the largest size in an Eau de Parfum.  I say this is a go.  And it's affordable and beautiful.  

You're a dude! Isn't this a scent for Females?

I wear whatever I want and this smells amazing on me.  More men have asked what cologne I'm wearing overtime I wear this and woman always say I smell great.  So I mean if it works.  Get your sexy on.  Gone are the days of Gender Separation in the fragrance world.  

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