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Serums: What they are and why you need them if you're over 30.

My favorite Lauder Serums

The Lowdown on Serums

Serums are an integral part of your skincare routine, especially if you are on the right side of 30 (but start as young as possible, especially if you drink, smoke, eat good amount of sugars or are showing signs of a life well lived).  After working about 12 years now at a cosmetics counter and after countless hours of independent research and blood, sweat and tears in the skincare game, I am about to reveal my two cents on why I feel so passionately about serums.   At the counter, and after speaking with many woman (especially those who are luxury skincare users) I have noticed a very alarming trend; woman, are seemingly investing upwards of $500-$1000 on luxury creams, but when asked if they use a serum, I hear, "I don't like a lot of steps and I don't have time."  My response: You have time and if you don't you need to wake up 1 minute earlier, because this stage is so important.  Why waste all of your money on a cream that stays on the superficial top layer of skin, I mean don't put all your eggs in one basket here, especially when it comes to skin maintenance.

Yes, moisturizer is extremely important, especially with the stresses and pollution of modern times; however, serum is where you'll get more bang for your buck.  They call them TREATMENT products for a reason: they truly treat your skin concerns.

What is a serum anyway?

Most often serums are a more nutrient dense product and have a lower molecular weight and viscosity than their moisturizer counterparts.  Being that they are a smaller molecular structure, they have the possibility to hold a more intensive concentration of active ingredients, which can penetrate deeper in to the epidermis.  

What does this mean for me?

BETTER SKIN in the long run.  Deeper absorption, and your moisturizer will overall penetrate and retain it's moisture better and longer.  Use a serum for one day and you'll notice a difference in how your other products behave and how nice and supple your skin will look and feel.  

More plumped up youthful look.  Cells overlap each other and when are dry or irritated pull apart.  Serums helps to saturate these cells causing them expand and seal together so skin looks better.

Repair Serums are targeted to your skincare concerns, and most good ones will help reverse the damage done to your skin.  Increase the rate your skin repairs itself, and turns over, and you'll be golden.

So where should I spend my money?

Serums are not a solo act, they are like the MVP on the team, they deserve recognition and work hard, but without a full roster, they are merely just another player.  If you had to choose between a luxury serum or a luxury cream, indulge in a high quality serum and less on the moisture cream.  But if you can afford both, and want your skin to look it's best, invest in the best you can afford.

I am over 30, why do I need them now?

Because this is the decade the first signs of aging become present.  And fine lines become deeper, pigmentation begins to surface.  All of the damage from our childhood and early adulthood become brought to the battleground for all to see.  "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine, make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine."  Prevent premature aging due to skin cell damage and get on the repair boat, ASAP.  If you smoke or drink, start earlier.  30s is the time to consider Vitamin A and at very least a reparative serum (i.e.: Advanced Night Repair from Estee Lauder - I have been using this since 18.  All ages are welcome).  

If you would like any suggestions on which serums to use, message me on Facebook, Instagram or via e-mail *all social links are on the website version of my page*.  I cannot wait to hear about your skin success stories.  Have a favorite serum.  Leave a comment with your favorite serum, why you like it, and what it did for you skin.  Don't forget to include your skin type, condition, age and environment you live in.  


Gary Brink
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