Sunday, July 16, 2017

My 30th Birthday

Hey guys,
I just wanted to write a quick post to say THANK YOU!  From the deepest regions of my soul I truly appreciate all the kindness and love I have received today.  As many of you know, this year has been one of change, not necessarily negative, but definitely some adjustments have been made.  I feel like I am coming in to my own, and that isn't without struggle or adversity, but I mean honestly without these things, life wouldn't be as fun, right?!  With that being said, today I turned 30 and I have never been more excited about an age (besides maybe 18 or 21), but 30 is the changing of a decade and on to new adventures, potential successes, and personal growth opportunities.  I'm sure this decade will bring forth many life lessons, and even a few struggles, but I am truly ready to face them head-on.

All of you today have made this day extra special.  I started today off feeling like it was going to be a bust, being that I couldn't get the day off (though I requested a vacation day in advance) but I didn't let that get to me.  At work, my lovely coworkers brought a cake and many were so loving and generous that it truly made me feel appreciated and loved by those I spend so much of my time with.

After work, I had a great get together with some members from my gym (C Street Crossfit) and that truly was the highlight of my day.  We had an awesome time at Buena Lanes in Ventura, bowling and enjoying each others company.  We had funfetti cakes and cupcakes, laughs, some adult beverages and most importantly we had quality time spent together.  I truly appreciate all of you that came and celebrated with me, it really meant the world.

After bowling I spent time with my cousin, aunt and uncle and came to a surprise of oreos, animal crackers, goldfish (my favorite snacks) and a Lion King shirt, which I absolutely adore.  I am actually wearing it as I type this.  I took a short power nap with Maribel (the best dog ever), and then came home to find my roommate and friend, Ruben, had a big furry balloon, card and scented candle awaiting my arrival (my favorite types of gifts are ones that smell delicious...<3 )  I truly am blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me.

Thirty will truly be one of the best years ever, and this next decade is sure to bring forth many blessings and experiences.  Without all of you, I don't know where I would be.   Thank you so much.

Best Cake Ever.  Thank You so much to Meagan and Matt <3
Throwing That Ball So Hard.
Beautiful Girls.  All over the world.  <3
Some of the best people in the world <3 
Thank you for organizing this Marisa <3
The Cake Boss will soon have some competition.  She even Got sprinkles down her stove for this <3
Disney Shirt.  Thanks Jayme, Jordan, Angela and Uncle.  I love it.

Ruben.  I love furry balloons and thank you so much for everything.

Love you all.


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