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The Basics: Morning Routine

What goes where and when?

We all have had that moment with our products where it just becomes overwhelming, especially now with cosmetics company going mad with new innovative products with fancy names such as essence, micro serum, lotions, emulsions, and then now it's even going so far as adding two or more booster serums to get the desired result of flawless, radiant, healthy skin.  It all sounds great, amazing and dare I say the most over used term in cosmetics, groundbreaking (honestly there is no more ground left it's been broken so many times); yet, it seems that not even the sales reps know what the products do or how they are supposed to fit in to our routines.  We are sold so many products these days and there is literally something for everyone.  So let's simplify and here will be a guide to how I would layer them and the theory behind it.

Let's get this routine rolling (if you don't have a routine, here's what you'll need to start...and you had best start, no one wants to look like the crypt keeper at age 40).

What you'll need and what to put away:
  • A washcloth (put away the sonic brushes, save them for your weekly exfoliations -- I just recently repurchased one and it's time to take in for a landing and use it sporadically -- you don't want to strip the skin off of you face, especially since my new discovery of an old concept -- acid based treatment lotions/toners -- they will change your life)
  • A good creme cleanser, balm, cleansing oil, or two or more of said cleanser(s) depending on budget; if you can only afford one reach for the balm *especially acne prone skin Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm is a great solution or Clarins Cleansing Milk with Gentian (Nothing foaming...ever) If you are questioning please see Caroline Hirons's Blog to hear about it alkalines the skin and is breeding ground for bacteria, dries out the surface, and just ages the skin, a good cleansing and facial massage routine is essential, Caroline is a huge inspiration for this blog and I feel like she will do this more justice than I could, I will post about it later without beating a dead horse and without plagiarizing another's work, might as well just link to it.  Check her out).
  • Absolutely, positively: NO FACIAL WIPES -- They are great on set, backstage, on a plane, or simply for your @$$ (You cannot expect to clean your face with wipes and then have this pipe dream of having beautiful skin, it just won't happen - I BLAME MAC whole heartedly for spreading the lies of wipes to clean your face; the whole notion "it's better than nothing" -- actually it may be better to do nothing than strip your skin with aggressive wipes and then call your skin clean.  
  • I don't like mattifying products (if you're oily, there's other ways around it.  MATTE is dead. It resembles dead skin...let's not go there with skincare, do it with makeup if you must).
  • Mineral Oil be careful with, it's not suitable for everyone and essentially should be omitted, if you can tolerate it, it's up to you.  There's a huge debate on it.  I find it cheap, shiny, and non beneficial.  Big Oil strikes again. 
Morning Routine:

Think of morning skincare like breakfast for your skin, it's the time to prep for the day ahead.

It should become second nature like brushing your teeth and breathing (let's say breathing, because I know a handful of people that don't get dressed or brush anything, scary but true).  

Wash your face after you shower, not in; only because the water is too hot and aggressive.  You only have one skin, take care of it.  Treat it like a precious diamond, or better yet, like a newborn child, it needs to be nourished and watched after.

Cleanse: Use your balm, milk or creme here.  And wash it off with a clean dampened ( with warm water ) washcloth.  This will give gentle exfoliation and will take off the sweat and grime from the night.  *no foams...no foaming...repeat no foaming*

Exfoliate: If you're going to use a Clinique lotion exfoliator, go for the Clarifying Lotionmild.  It's the only one I would use and it's alcohol free.  I prefer to gravitate towards acid based toning products such as Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel (safe for AM and PM -- I personally use PM and use a cheaper / more gentle alternative in the day -- suitable for all skin types - everyone).
* Wipe all around the face even the eye area. It'll say don't but it's fine, it's just for legal purposes brands say avoid eye area because it contains an acid; however, don't get it in your eye -- they are gentle and designed for skin.  It's fine.
* This stage kickstarts your skin, it will literally CHANGE YOUR SKIN
*A tingle is normal, a burn is a reaction. Remember that.  There's an acid exfoliating treatment for everyone, find the right one
* As we age the cells turnover slower and slower.  We need to help out nature, especially because the environment we live in also slows down cell metabolism and skin's purification.  Exfoliation is like buffing out the scuffs off your leather shoes, it's essential.

Hydrating toner/softener/essence/sprays: It's all about hydration, this is where those softeners, spritzes, and hydrating toners go.  You can use traditional products known as toners here, but just make sure they aren't heavy in alcohol.  This stage is for hydrating. Don't prune your skin.  This stage essentially calms and boosts the skin. 

Eye Cream/Serum: Eyes are windows to the soul.  Don't save them for last.  Start here so that your creme/serum is effective and doesn't have to fight serums or creams and penetrates to where you need it most.     If it doesn't absorb then you are wasting your money.  Under eye first, face later.

Serums:  Serums are so so important.  This is also where I spend all of my money.  They treat the skin, nourish them and contain cell communicating ingredients that work deep within the skin to aid it's like underwear for your face, it protects the goods.    A little goes a long way, do a pump on to your finger tips, press your fingers together, pat it on your face and then massage it in.  Simple.  Don't warm it up.  If you warm it, you're wasting it.  Your hands will be beautiful, but all that money just goes down the drain.  If the serum needs to be warmed, you're using the wrong serum.

What about Oils?

I would use them after serums.  Plant based oils penetrate the skin but think of it only going halfway. The serum is your concentrated benefits, the oil will nourish skin, and then moisturizer protects and pads the surface.  If you do the oil first, then skip the serum, it won't be as effective and honestly would probably not even be necessary that day.

Moisturize: Choose based on skin type and even texture preference.  Just don't load it up with mineral oil.  Moisturizer is your protection. Think of it as a screen protector on your iPhone.  It protects the cells underneath.  I think people spend way too much time and money on an expesnive moisturizer and then go cheap on the serum.  As Willam Belli would say: YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG.  

Yes a good expensive moisturizer is a luxury.  But just get one good for your skin type. You can't spend $400 on a cream and think your skin is going to dramatically change.  It's the ROUTINE that changes the skin, it's consistency and addressing inflammation that really gives your turn around.

But it's not your fault you think this way, it's marketing.  I was the same way.  But that doesn't stop me from indulging on Re-Nutriv super creams.

Quarter sized amount, massage it in.  You're good to go (adjust to your face size).

*SPF in face creams is an added benefit but it's not really going to protect you much, you would need to reapply every few hours, and really who is going to do that.  Women have suncreen in makeup and that for day to day is usually enough.

If you're in the sun a lot.  Please invest in a good SPF.  It doesn't have to be an SPF 50 but I usually suggest 25-30, unless you are read head with freckles, then 50 and above is necessary.  See Caroline Hirons's Blog for more details, or google search.

Creams with SPF are basically expensive sunscreens.  Get a good moisturizer without SPF and then invest in a good mid priced sunscreen like Clinique or Shiseido suncare creams.  

Don't use SPF as a moisturizer.  That is the most ridiculous thing that oily skins do.  You're doing your skin an injustice.  It's like leaving the house with just an umbrella. No clothes.  No nothing.  

This routine will take less than a few minutes.  Don't complain about time. It's not going to take much time at all.  

Store all of your products in a linen closet or somewhere other than the bathroom.  You don't want the heat of the shower and restroom to spoil your products.  Cleanser is the only thing to leave in there.  Period.

I am going dedicate a whole other blog post to MAKEUP and NIGHT ROUTINE.  So stay tuned.

Also credit to Caroline Hiron's for inspiring me to begin a beauty blog.  She is awesome, knowledgeable, outspoken, and my kind of woman.  Please subscribe to her.  If any of my posts seem similar, it's well because we have a very similar philosophy on skincare, and she did inspire this post. Subscribe.  The more I learn, the more I'll share.  I'm excited to take this blog journey with all of you.  Thank you for visiting.  Until next time :D

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