Tuesday, August 25, 2015

M-A-C Haute Dogs: Collection and Event First Impressions

MACs newest Haute Dogs collection can only be summed up in their own words (insert tons of DOG related verbiage... cute and funny, but still effective):
(Wo)man’s best friend is barking up the right tree in a well-groomed collection of new hues from M·A·C that are sure to enhance your pedigree, featuring luscious, buttery fur tones for eyes and regal berries for lips. Flaunt your natural beauty through the power of subtle sculpting. Try velvety soft Mineralize Skinfinish in the beloved frost-finished shades, Soft & Gentle and Gold Deposit, or sheer matte Sculpting Powder. Apply with our new Duo Fibre brushes – for those who fancy a new bag of tricks. From aristocratic to collars-off cool, you’ll be lapping up accolades as best in show!
This collection basically proves that MAC can quite literally release anything that they want and people will buy it, no matter how ridiculous it sounds or how strange of an idea it may be.  I thought the sound of this collection was at best cute, and at worst strange, but hey I'm a dog lover so it instantly appealed to me.  Yet I was tempted to keep pronouncing HAUTE as HOT... It's like in Legally Blonde 2 "...makes me want a hot dog reaaaal bad."

But let's get down to the collection, marketing and funny verbiage aside.

The shades are decent and I'm happy that MAC is highlighting it's Mineralize franchise more (I mean it's the most expensive and Luxurious that MAC has to offer so why not!).  And the brushes, oh the BRUSHES.  They are amazing and I mean the new hair colour alone is enough to sell me, I also enjoy the new shapes and style of the duo fibrous bristles.  I would buy the brushes in a heart beat.

The shapes are good, the hair is good, and the quality here is amazing.

Now Quality.  Let's go in to that.  

I feel MAC does lipsticks really well, and in limited Collections I never have much complaint about the lip colors (beyond the at time random colors, or too high fashion shades they sometimes release). Yet this collection doesn't disappoint, I love the mix of more natural shades with the bold plummy tones.  And then my favorite lip products, MINERALIZE GLOSS.  The glosses are amazing.  The best way to describe Mineralize Gloss, is color in water.  They nourish, they wear well, they are cushiony and aren't sticky.  I don't know why anyone wouldn't like them.

Now my pet peeve.  The shadows.  I love the colors MAC released in this collection; however, they don't really perform the way I would want them too.  I feel like you really have to scrub in to these shades to make them work and if your skin tone is anything darker than NC25 (CHANEL BASES BEIGE30) then these shades may just disappear, or you have to put so much on and use a Macgyver approach to make them work.  And really the eye shadows should just work.

I mean you charge us for full quality, why not give us full quality.

 With so many amazing products on your shelves and other Estee brands with such advanced shadows.  I really wanted these to be AMAZING.  And I mean it is hit or miss with mineralize (likewise with VeluxePearlFusion)  I want to love them so badly.  But honestly, if I was to buy things for my pro-kit, I would be attracted to the colours but thrown off by the pigmentation and lack of advanced technologies.  

Give me something long wearing, with pigment, but softness, and then I would be a customer for life.

I'll stick to my Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel and Estee Pallets for now.  But I am hopeful and excited to see what MAC comes out with next. 

Just get it together with the quality of your limited life products.  

Next let's move on to sculpting powders.

The sculpting powders are a must have. They shade, they give soft but effective definition.  They also make great shadows.  I was skip the pallets here and dive in to the lip products, brushes and sculpt powders.  See MAC is still making a profit off of me, regardless of their crappy Mineralize pallets in this collection.

Now the Event.

Let's just say. It's beautiful, it's glamourous. But then POW it becomes the things of nightmares.  

Let me just show you and decide for yourself.

Here are images taken from an event.

Gorgeous setup and cute doggie sculptures

Cute right.

Keep scrolling.....



It sure will turns heads, and I mean it gets us talking.  So well done in that respect.

Kind of reminds me of Egyptian folklore with the half human, half dog thing.

But really...


So scary.

So to sum it up, stop by your local MAC and check out the findings of it's newest collection, it'll have been on counter a few days and you have to scrounge up what's left.  But it's fun and has a product category that I adore.

Comment with your feedback and let me know how you feel about Haute Dogs.

And you attend one of these events, RUN!!!! haha or Post your favorite Chimera Puppy moments.

Until next time...

If you would like to see the collection further head over to the M-A-C Cosmetics website for more well groomed fun.

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