Monday, August 31, 2015

A Historical Moment: 1995 MAC Announces Rupaul as Face of Brand

In 1995, MAC Cosmetics makes history by announcing RuPaul as their first ever face in NYC. Beginning the campaign for VIVA GLAM, which has gone on to raise millions of dollars to help men, women, and children affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS worldwide. A move that was perfect for their credo of: all ages, all races, all sexes.

When asked about how she can be relatable to the everyday women, Ru captivates viewers with an eloquent response which truly solidifies my ongoing respect for Ru:

Jeanne Beker: As the new face of MAC, do you think the average women is really going to be able to relate to you?

RuPaul: I think so, I think RuPaul speaks to the individual in everyone. I think that it says that if this makeup can make a big ole black man look like this *laugh*, "what can it do for me?!" I think it says a lot. I think it says a lot to the possibilities.

20 years later and M-A-C is still committed to their fight against AIDS.  To learn more about the VIVA GLAM campaign visit:

In 1994, as HIV and AIDS continued to spread across the globe, M·A·C made HIV/AIDS organizations the beneficiaries of the company’s charitable focus and the M·A·C AIDS Fund was created. To date, the VIVA GLAM campaign has raised over $380 million for the fight against HIV/AIDS, with spokespeople such as Lady Gaga, Pamela Anderson and Nicki Minaj.

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